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Diner "Shoya"


Anxiety and care   From the dark in the morning, the kitchen and kitchen knocks the chopping boards and the sound of the mortar, which is called a grueling.   Soon it will smell, with the smell of rice and miso soup I remembered that I was close to waking up I think that there are also many who have you.   This smell and sound may have formed wisdom and personality from mother to child and may have played the role of simple and fundamental education entrusting life.

I am afraid that this hassle is nothing short of meal worrying.

Takeda's food culture with a heartfelt feeling, a heartfelt heart, a heartfelt conscience


It is rustic Japanese rice.

For those other than staying please! !


650 yen (tax included)

Rice & miso soup instead of freedom!



itiju isai

 miso made with recipe transmitted from the Edo period. Rice is red rice

This is all I need to live. .

Salmon genus

local cuisine

Which are you going to do today?


We are preparing daily.